Articles of Interest

Driving the bakery market forward

New influences, trends and preferences are redirecting many bakers to develop and produce new products. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is still a critical issue, as are commodities, private-label products and many business consolidations. Still, bakers are managing to rise to the occasion, and please customers and consumers with products that answer the call of exciting food trends.


Two words: Artisanal toast. When our U.S. food climate puts forth $4 slices of thick-cut, artisanal toast as the fresh trend du jour—look toward San Francisco and offbeat spots like Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club for origins—you know faddy low-carb madness has finally subsided to its niche.

Tortilla time, all the time

The popularity of Hispanic cuisine, interest in better-for you foods and mealtime versatility are just some of the reasons why consumers and foodservice operators are buying more tortillas. Tortilla manufacturers, in turn, are upping the ante by introducing even more flavors and healthier ingredients.

Tortillas Terrific Timing

Just as auto racing has followers around the world, tortillas are getting the green light from consumers of all ethnicities for their versatility, convenience, healthy ingredients and gluten-free options.